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Advanced Hearing Aids with Expert Care

All Online. All Premium.

Meet Hark

We had an idea. What if hearing aids and care could happen from your home? You buy with a click. Get concierge hearing doctor services scheduled around your busy life. All remote. It gets better. You pay ½ of what you’re used to, but still get five-star quality and service. Welcome to Hark.

Connect with us at  (845) 444-1106  or

How It Works

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Easy online hearing screening

Our hearing assessment is built by leading experts in audiology and neuroscience.

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Free remote care with our licensed audiologists

Meet with our hearing experts from the comfort of your kitchen table. They’ll match you with the right hearing aids. 

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Affordable hearing aids delivered to your door 

Your calibrated hearing aids are delivered to your door.  Free tele-fit and continuous care from our trusted hearing pros.

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